A WOMAN says she has been left traumatised after her dog was hit by a cyclist "bombing at top speed" on a Worcester towpath.

Miriam Durgut, 62, was walking her three dogs on Saturday afternoon when she said a man on a bike hit her yellow Labrador.

Ms Durgut of Blackpole, Worcester said: "I was on a dog walk on the canal path opposite Perdiswell Leisure Centre when I spotted a cyclist bombing towards us at top speed.

"I managed to pull my two smaller dogs on to the grass verge. However my Labrador, Rebel, was slower to react and still half way on the towpath.

"This cruel and ignorant cyclist did not slow down or go around him, but rather went straight into my dog at speed. It would have been impossible not to us standing there."

"My dog screamed in agony, it was a terrible thing to hear. He was clearly in a lot of pain and was limping and crying - but the cyclist just sped off! No apology or anything. I couldn't believe it.

"I thought about chasing after him but I had to stay to comfort Rebel. He was unable to put any weight on his hind leg where the bike had slammed in to him.

"Thank goodness, Rebel is okay, he limped around all night, but by the morning was able to stand and walk as normal.

"I am still traumatised and shocked by the incident. It has made me feel very sad."

Ms Durgut rescued Rebel as a puppy from the desert in Arizona, where she lived before moving back to Worcester. They have been inseparable for nine years.

The animal lover says she wants cyclists to change their attitude towards pedestrians.

She added: "Rebel was lucky not to suffer any broken bones, the next dog or even child this happens to could not be so lucky.

"Having walked up the canal every few days for many years I have to say cyclists do seem to think they own the tow path.

"They need to understand they do not have right of way over pedestrians. They treat us dog walkers as if we are a nuisance to them, when often it is the other way round!"

"It won't stop us using the towpath though, as frightening as it was, we won't let him win."

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