A MEDIA employee has made it to the top ten of a world-wide radio competition to find the next star.

David Wooldridge, 28, from Lower Wick, said: “As a freelancer, I’m kind of on the periphery of the industry and with what’s been happening to the media during the pandemic, this is my last ‘hoo-ha’ to try and break in.

“Otherwise, I’ll be looking at a completely different change in direction.”

David, who has worked all over the UK as a freelance radio presenter, including content for BBC Radio, started his journey by working with local stations Youthcomm Radio, BBC Hereford and & Worcester as well as Free Radio.
David added: “After years of travelling all over the place and working with lots of different commercial radio stations, to even be considered as a ‘radio star’ is quite the honour.

“I’m flying the Worcester flag with pride.

"So, I’m hoping to call upon Worcestershire locals, fans of our amazing sport teams and even those who just enjoy our sauce to drop me a vote!

“The industry has taken a knock during the pandemic, but the positive side is how radio has kept people entertained and informed and it will continue to do so.

“Podcasting is becoming a big thing in niche areas and that’s an exciting development.

“Radio is coming back into fashion but in a different way to engage with a younger audience.

"It offers escapism from the everyday and listeners can create their own image in their head, compared to being given it by a television screen.

"I would urge anyone who wants to get into the industry to work hard and to not be put off by setbacks along the way."

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David is one of the representatives from the UK, looking for local votes against entries from Canada, USA and Trinidad and Tobago, with the winner of #RadioStar2020 receiving a vast array of industry accolades. If you want to support David on his radio crusade vote online at: onaircoach.net/ radiostar2020/