AN unloved and dilapidated section of pavement has become a source of fun for people living nearby.

Humourous signs have been posted on the barriers around a broken up section of pavement in Mill Lane, Pershore, sarcastically praising the site for its beauty.

Residents say they are fed up of the site, which they have nicknamed the "Pershore Eyesore", saying it has been there for more than a year with no action being taken.

Tracey Bryant, from Pershore, said: "There are road barriers surrounding the damaged pavement and some lovely weeds.

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"These barriers have been up for over a year, for what reason I do not know.

"I decided to set up a Facebook page and try and get this site know and to see if the council will be embarrassed about it.

"I think the highways council have forgotten about it. I have started to put up funny notices and someone else has to."

One of the funny signs at the site is a mock certificate saying: "First Place - Presented to the Pershore Eyesore, for looking bloody awful."

Another claims the much delayed HS2 rail link will be finished before it.

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In response, Worcestershire County Council's highways department said it was not responsible for placing the barriers there, but would investigate to see what progress could be made.

A spokesman said: "The barriers that have been placed on the tactiles have not been placed there by the Worcestershire County Council or any other maintenance or utility contractor.

"However, we will certainly send a team to assess the pavement, whilst removing the barriers and the weeding.

"We would always encourage residents to report highways issues to us using the Travel and Roads report it function on our website."

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