A CYCLIST has hit back after our report about a dog being hit by a bike on a canal towpath - saying other road or path users are inconsiderate too.

Keen cyclist, Paul Urmston from St John’s spoke out after hearing about Miriam Durgut’s dog Rebel being hit by a cyclist on Perdiswell towpath.

He said: “I think there’s two sides to every story. Cycling in general is pretty dangerous. You are treated pretty poorly for following your passion and keeping fit. I have regular issues with close passes and it’s frightening. Only three weeks ago I was passed by a cherry picker that was so close I could have reached out and got in the back.

“I also see examples on a regular basis that dog walkers don’t pay attention. They allow their dogs to roam and are often so pre-occupied by their phones or young children, that accidents are more than likely inevitable.”

Matthew Jenkins, county councillor and spokesman for Bike Worcester said: “Obviously the man on this bike was inconsiderate and behaved badly. However, it is important that we do not paint all cyclists with the same brush. I often ride my bike down this section of the canal and it is possible to do it safely, if you make use of a bell and don’t travel at high speeds.

“As usual, as is the case with this incident, it is a small minority that spoil it for everybody else. We certainly don’t condone that sort of behaviour. It is important for everyone to be considerate and safe whilst out on bikes.”

After our story, readers flocked to Facebook to share their thoughts. Among them was Taria Cavell-Chesterman, 55, who said: “This is something I have flagged up many times. These are pedestrian and cycle routes with pedestrian right of way not the other way round. I live near a canal and the majority of cyclists, not all, treat them like a race track. I myself nearly ended up in an accident with dogs on lead along canal when I cyclist came speeding around a blind bend!”

Have you experienced any cyclists being anti-social or are you a cyclist who feels you are treated unfairly? Get in touch with us.