A YOUNG couple have been left furious after a ten thousand pound motorcycle was stolen from the driveway as they slept.

Lauren Atkinson, 23 and Ty Adams, 26 say they know who stole the bike from their home in Droitwich Road - but police are reluctant to make an arrest.

Miss Atkinson, who works in care, said: "The motorbike was stolen from our driveway between 4am and 8am on Saturday.

"Despite it being alarmed and both of us being asleep in the house at the time, the robber still managed to get the bike without being seen or heard.

"They must have known what they were doing."

Mr Adams owns the black and white BMW HP4 and says he just wants it back.

The couple put out an appeal for information on social media and people were quick to tell them who they thought was responsible.

Miss Atkinson explained: "We managed to find out who has the bike and the address where it is being kept. A neighbour gave us the CCTV footage and someone can be seen moving the bike from a van to a garage.

"We were even told by someone that the bike was being ridden around Bromsgrove so we jumped in the car to see if we could see it. We ended up actually following it but were limited as to what we could do.

"We have given the police all of this information and don't feel like we are being taken seriously."

Chief Inspector Jessica Loxley Clark said: “We’re sorry to hear that the owner of the motorbike, who reported the theft to us on Saturday morning (Aug 1), does not feel that progress has been made in relation to the investigation.

“The motorbike was stolen from a property in Droitwich Road between 4am and 8am on Saturday and a number of enquiries have already been carried out.

"Our investigation is ongoing.

“Our calls are graded based on threat, harm and risk balanced against the availability of resources by applying the most appropriate deployment response.

“We prioritise our calls in relation to threat, harm and risk to protect the most vulnerable within our communities.

“We would like to hear from anyone who has information on the motorbike theft to contact us on 101 or visit our website and visit the Tell us About section quoting reference 176 of 01082020.”