WHEN we asked for readers' recommendations for their top trader, we had hundreds of people respond to give us their tips for everyone from electricians to plumbers, carpenters to builders.

And one name which cropped up a lot was for someone working in a field which you might not automatically think of when asked for a top trader.

Readers Kim Henstock, Dawn-Marie Wright, Donna Lerry Saunders and Julie Baldacchino were just some of those who praised the work of stonemason Tom Adams.

Tom owns and runs Stonemasons of Worcester, which is 10 years old this year.

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The business, now based in Hylton Road, supplies kitchen and vanity worktops, memorials, stone cleaning – restoration and supply, fireplaces and hearths.

Tom said: “We always strive to give the best possible care and attention in everything we do, to ensure our customer experience is a positive one.

“We have the most online reviews in our industry which makes me immensely proud of the team.

“We are often given flowers and thank you cards which again makes me proud as it means we are doing a good job in the eyes of our customers.

“I was proud to be able to employ former Army colleagues when they left the Forces and were in need of employment.

“I started this business after leaving the Army myself and it’s extremely hard to adjust to the new routine, but building the business in something that I love gave me focus and really helped me with the transition.

“We are now a local team of eight and I sometimes have to step back and realise how far I have come from my garage at home where I initially started the memorial side of the business.

“Our job is very creative and everything we make is bespoke. We’ve been asked to create some amazing things – we were asked to build a stone ballroom for a client’s daughter’s 21st birthday.

“Once we found a time capsule in Malvern Methodist church whilst we were carrying out some stonework, that got us into the local paper. We are always finding newspapers from the early 1900s in the joints of churches, which is really interesting.

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“Memorial artwork is a popular request and very interesting. Obviously, a design can be interpreted differently from one person to another and it is a very personal thing especially when it represents a lost love one.

“This is one side of the business that I really appreciate, especially when we see the customer’s face.

“We did a silhouette of a gentleman walking his two dogs on the Malvern Hills, the memorial is so beautiful, and the family were thrilled.

“In addition to working with the trade and the public, we do a lot of work for interior designers and have fitted worktops, stone shower trays and sinks for some famous people – unfortunately we cannot name names!”

Stonemasons of Worcester

The Stoneyard

Hylton Road

Worcester WR2 5JS

01905 423178

email: sales@stonemasonsofworcester.com

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