A CONCERNED resident believes air pollution has “drastically increased” in his neighbourhood since Worcester's Household Recycling Centre re-opened.

Bob Jones, of Wordsworth Avenue, which is behind the tip in Bilford Road, said he and his neighbours are concerned after the tip re-opened following the coronavirus lockdown.

Mr Jones claims there have been more cars on the road, causing traffic jams on a one-way system.

He said this had been made worse by the traffic control system at the tip which requires drivers to queue, leaving their car engines on and awaiting their turn to drive via Perdiswell Leisure Centre car park to access the tip.

“This has drastically increased air pollution and neighbours with children and elderly members are particularly concerned on health grounds.

“It’s been dreadful. Vehicles jammed up on a one-way system controlled by traffic officers for the tip. The vehicle fumes, particularly in current weather, are powerful.

“The system involves cars being redirected to the car-park of the local gym, then summoned in groups back into the tip, entering the tip from the north side.”

He said neighbours feel “frustrated” and “angry.”

Councillor Tony Miller, Worcestershire County Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, said: “The Bilford Road HRC in Worcester remains one of our busiest sites.

“We have done what we can to ensure as many people as possible can continue to use the site whilst adhering to the social distancing measures in place to keep visitors and staff safe.

“The ability for visitors to walk into the site is currently not available due to these strict social distancing measures however we are working on a solution to enable walk ins to recommence.

“We will be putting up signage in the Perdiswell Leisure Centre car park, which we are currently using for queueing visitors to help reduce traffic on the highway, to ask visitors to turn off their vehicle engines whilst they are waiting.

“I would also like to take the opportunity to remind Worcester residents that the Hallow Road HRC is open Monday to Saturday and tends to be less busy than the Bilford Road site.”


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