VILLAGERS have raised concerns about a plan to build more than 50 extra plots on a caravan site.

Holt Fleet Farm Caravan Park wants to add an extra 57 spaces on the site but concerns have been raised about the impact it would have on views and traffic.

The caravan park said the caravans on the extension would be well-screened from the road and other sensitive locations so it would not ruin any views.

The park also said the surrounding roads would be able to cope with more traffic.

Several villagers in Uphampton near Holt Fleet objected to the plan during public consultation saying they were concerned that allowing the extension to go ahead would ruin views of the countryside and the roads around the park would not be able to cope with the extra traffic.

One objector in Lineholt Lane in Uphampton said allowing more caravans on the narrow roads would increase the risk of accidents near Holt Fleet Bridge.

Another objector said: "Access from the main Holt Fleet Road is extremely dangerous - the road is overloaded with heavy lorries and there have been two major incidents within the last three years.

"There are already more than enough similar sites along this stretch of the river."

Ombersley and Doverdale Parish Council also objected to the plan during consultation.

In a statement to planners, the council said the access road to the caravan park was on a hazardous bend and an increase in traffic especially with speeding vehicles - particularly heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) - coming from Holt Fleet forcing cars to sway across the road would be even more dangerous. The parish council said it would also be hazardous for pedestrians trying to cross the road.

The council added that it was concerned the impact more caravans would have on views around the area.

"The applicants obviously feel this is a possible concern as they have commissioned a visual impact survey," the council said.

"This acknowledges the visual impacts but feels they will be minimised in the long term with the site maturity. Of particular concern is the fact that the Severn way passes close by, and views of large caravan sites dominating the scenery along the riverside are not want walkers wish to see, nor indeed people navigating the river itself."