A CHILD suffering from leukaemia will be moved to a Worcester hospice as her family prepare for the worst.

Lily May Filmer, from Drakes Broughton, has been referred from Birmingham Children’s’ Hospital to Acorns Children’s Hospice, in Worcester.

The nine-year-old’s mum, Kayleigh Chapman, shared on Facebook the moment when the little girl had her handprints and hand casting done at hospital.

Lily is now taking an Anakinra injection four times a day to treat her cancer.

The family have been told to prepare for the possibility of worst-case scenario - that she doesn’t survive.

And if she does, they’re told to prepare for the high possibility of brain damage in Lily.

Mrs Chapman said: “This morning Lily showed signs of more deterioration and that her body was struggling to breathe. She was quickly assessed by the PICU team.

“She was too poorly to have her lumbar puncture this morning, even without general anaesthetic.

“She isn’t on a ventilator but as she is so poorly, they decided that it was better to have her there ready in the likelihood that she needs ventilating quickly. It can be done quickly in a controlled environment.”

The mum added: “Yesterday was the hardest day of my life so far. We collectively made the decision that, as treatment isn’t working, it wouldn’t be fair to Lily to ventilate her or resuscitate her should she stop breathing or her heart stop.

“I will have discussions with her team tomorrow as to how long we continue the treatment she’s on but as this is the only option for her, and appears to not be reversing any of her symptoms (more so just slowing the progression down) we are following end of life care.

“We have asked that Lily be moved to Acorns Children’s Hospice in Worcester as soon as possible and as long as she is stable enough to do so, should our miracle not happen.”


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