IT’S all about keeping your cool in this selection of your pet pictures, which once again – bar a duck – are dominated by dogs and cats.

Thank you to all our readers who’ve sent them in so far.

And it’s so easy to send us your pictures. You can share your summertime snaps here with us all.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA has issued advice about cat care in the hot weather.

Although cats will often seek shade and drink more water to stay safe, they can find their way into warm areas if they're looking for a cosy spot but could become too hot or dehydrated if trapped...

IN PICTURES: More of your pets enjoying the sun

Always check sheds, greenhouses and summerhouses before closing them up.

Similarly, never leave animals in hot cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans, even if it's just for a short while.

Where safe, keep windows and doors ajar to allow a breeze through the house. If your cat lives indoors-only, consider different options such as windows with locking mechanisms, which still allow air into the house but also keeps your cat indoors.