THE pandemic has meant I’ve travelled much less. Normally, I have to travel to London by train at least once a week and around the Diocese of Worcester and further afield by car on other days.

It’s also allowed me to spend more time on my favourite form of travel – a two-wheeled variety. I have always been a keen cyclist and often use my bike to get around. I write this on National Cycle to Work Day – that’s not really possible for me as my commute from home to the office is all of 50 yards, but I get in the saddle whenever I can. It’s quicker than walking and healthier and more sociable than driving.

Since the lockdown, I have cycled more than ever before. I’ve taken to the beautiful lanes of the county and have been reminded that, not only is Worcester a glorious city, Worcestershire is wonderful.

I’ve pedalled north to Bromsgrove and east to Inkberrow, west to Martley and south to Upton. In every direction there is ravishing countryside and, set in its midst, some awe-inspiring churches.

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The buildings have been closed during the pandemic but are delightful from the outside. Their churchyards are great habitats for wildlife and the buildings themselves are like ‘memory palaces’ for their communities, where they have often been for hundreds of years. Very few other medieval buildings have survived.

Some years ago we produced a cycle tour of Worcestershire churches entitled Towers and Spires, which is available on our website. If you’re really bored you can even watch me pedalling around some of it (

Not everyone is game for cycling long distances and a gentle amble in the countryside is just as good for the health and the spirit. I have also enjoyed some good walks locally – along the Severn Way, north to Bevere Island, around Kempsey Common and around Perry Wood – none of which I had explored until the lockdown.

For me, all the beauty around us is a powerful sign of God’s presence and love. However you interpret it, I encourage you to enjoy wonderful Worcestershire!