A CONCERNED health and safety expert says the scaffolding that was on a Worcester building was ‘the worst he has ever seen’ and could have posed ‘a danger to life.’

Steven Harris, managing director of Harris Safety Training, has raised concerns over the scaffolding on the back of The Severn View Hotel in Newport Street.

Mr Harris said: “Being involved in health and safety and training for the last 15 years, this is probably one of the worst tower scaffold systems I’ve seen in the UK.

“Both tower scaffolds have been built incorrectly, with no protection to stop them falling.

“From what I can see they have then built planks of wood across the towers 30 ft in the air.

“I can only imagine they would be then walking across these to paint the building.

“It is a bit like someone walking across a tight rope with absolutely no protection. It’s crazy.

“Clearly there is better way of completing this job in a safer way, using a fixed scaffold system or a cherry picker.

“Unfortunately it looks like they have gone for a cheaper but unsafe option.”

Indy Singh, owner of the Severn View Hotel, said the scaffolding is no longer on the building.

“The scaffolding was up for one day to sort out a broken chimney, it has now been taken down and is no longer in use,” he said.

Mr Singh has previously told the Worcester News he feels he is ‘fighting a losing battle’ to make the Severn View a success, as the hotel was shut due to the severe flooding in February and then once again due to coronavirus.

The business owner says he would welcome more help to maintain the building, which is expensive due to its listed status.

He said: “This is a great building in the very heart of the city that I love – it used to be the gatehouse to Worcester.

“It seems only right that this beautiful building be made to shine as it would have done back then.

"I am proud with what I have done since I have been here, but it still needs a lot of work to fit in with the beautiful scenery of the river and the cathedral.

“Because of the listed status of the building there are restrictions in terms of what we can do with the exterior. For example, the windows need replacing, but they must be the exact same windows that were in before, and they cost thousands.”