TODAY, a spitfire will fly over Worcestershire Royal Hospital to raise money for the NHS.

The spitfire can be seen over the hospital at 11.17am on Tuesday, August 18.

The Aircraft Restoration's iconic, blue spitfire is flying above hospitals all over the county in a bid to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

'THANK U NHS' is written in large white lettering on the aircraft as well as names of loved ones who also deserve thanks.

A spokesman for The Aircraft Restoration Company said: "A family member, a close friend or supportive neighbour, you can say thank you for their support through the Covid-19 pandemic by nominating their name to be written upon the NHS Spitfire.

"By doing so you will also be helping to raise money for the incredible people working and volunteering within our NHS.

"There is room for 80,000 names, and as these are added to the Spitfire, the UK will be able to watch this extraordinary visual spectacle unfold.

"A kind gesture that will donate to a great cause. The donation window closes on September 20 2020.

"The aim is to lift the spirits of those across the UK, many of whom are still living in some form of isolation, whilst also thanking the hospitals, communities and individuals who have been at the forefront of getting the country through the pandemic.

"During the next few months, the team at Aircraft Restoration Company will be carefully planning flight routes across UK mainland local communities and hospitals."

£30,000 has already been raised for the NHS.

You nominate a name to be added to the spitfire by visiting the Just Giving page -