A NEIGHBOUR from hell has been banned from making a nuisance of himself after shouting, swearing and causing criminal damage.

Shane Jones of Beltex Drive, near Whittington Road, Worcester was made subject to a criminal behaviour order at Worcester Magistrates Court on Wednesday following repeated anti-social behaviour.

The CBO, which was made for two years, contains several prohibitions which the 35-year-old must obey or risk ending up in jail.

Jones is prohibited from behaving in any way at his home address or within a dwelling that disturbs neighbours or causes alarm harassment or distress for residents nearby or shouting and swearing in an aggressive manner towards others.

The CBO was made on the conviction for offences of criminal damage to the property he lives in belonging to Platform Housing in Beltex Drive and obstructing police, both committed on February 3 this year.

A spokesperson for the Community Problem Solving Hub, part of West Mercia Police, said: “Anti-social behaviour in Worcester and elsewhere in West Mercia won’t be tolerated and we will take every step to give communities peace of mind after a series of criminal behaviour orders were also made last month, protecting people from these nuisance repeat offenders.”

We reported last week on a 'rogue's gallery' of offenders made subject to criminal behaviour orders.

Foul-mouthed Nathan Fox, 29, of McIntyre Road, St John's Worcester was made subject to a two year CBO on July 27 this year.

Nicola Rasey-Cother 54, of Sedgeberrow, Evesham, was made subject to a two year CBO on August 14 this year.

She is prohibited from: Contacting the emergency services (including any non-emergency numbers used to reach those services) unless it is a genuine emergency; refusing to engage in a medical assessment and subsequent treatment when ambulance crew or police have attended her address; behaving in an aggressive or threatening manner towards emergency service workers or being verbally abusive towards them; causing a nuisance on any NHS premises; refusing to abide by the Covid-19 guidance when specifically requested to do so by emergency workers and/or whilst on any NHS premises, including but not only by refusing to wear a face mask when asked to do so by ambulance staff.

A three year CBO was made against Paul Baker, 46, of Swan Lane, Upton Warren on August 20.

He is prohibited from: Behaving in any way that causes or is likely to cause any person harassment alarm, or distress including foul, abusive , threatening or aggressive language; burning any materials in his garden, driveway or any shared access areas in Swan Lane, Upton Warren; throwing any items or cause items to land in or on his neighbours' property in Swan Lane, Upton Warren; tampering with any CCTV cameras that are not solely owned by defendant; making gestures, or behaving in a manner that causes upset.

Meanwhile, recovering drug addict Tracey Wilson, 42, of Thornhill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham breached her CBO three times by entering Broad Street Worcester on three separate occasions.

She was fined £50 by magistrates last Monday but, as she had limited funds and large court debts (£2,335), she was made to wait on the court landing until the end of the court day as a punishment.