A ROW has continued over a leaked slide claiming senior councillors were unwilling to give up road space for cyclists.

The leaked document stated that Worcestershire County Council leaders were refusing to give up any road or parking space to cyclists as it attempts to apply for Government ‘active travel’ money.

Cllr Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways, said the presentation was “false” and councillors should instead be focusing on the council’s “record spending.”

“It would be much more productive, exciting and interesting to be discussing the current biggest ever investment in our road network, record spending on pavements, footways, gulley cleaning and street lighting,” he said during a full council meeting on Friday.

“The false slide did not reflect the council’s actual policy because as we came out lockdown, we readjusted road space and we dealt with pinch points and we used our resources and our road space and our pavements to best advantage to meet all forms of transport. We don’t discriminate against any form of travel. We work and encourage all of them.

“Clearly, I can’t comment on [the slide] whilst an investigation is underway except to deplore the irresponsible behaviour of those who encourage and applaud even the possibility of gross misconduct.”

The leaked presentation slide said council leaders had set clear political ‘red lines’ which “significantly” restricted what the council could do when bidding for government funding to improve cycling and walking routes.

Cllr Amos also claimed Labour councillors wanted to ban cars from the city centre and wanted to remove thousands of car parking spaces.

“This administration’s policy is to support all forms of travel to the detriment of none,” he added.

“Our policy, was, and remains practical, sensible, flexible and balanced and fair to all forms of travel including the one per cent of commuters who cycle.

“Consequently and precisely because of our policy, we do not have to waste time and resources undoing a whole host of unnecessary temporary measures which other councils across the country are now having to do, at great expense, having created considerable outrage and opposition to them.”