PUPILS and staff from two Worcestershire primary schools have been sent home after a number of them tested positive for Covid-19.

Perdiswell Primary School in Worcester has sent home one of its Year One classes so they can self-isolate after two children tested positive for Covid-19, it has been reported.

Elsewhere, the head teacher at Burlish Park Primary, in Stourport, said one person has tested positive and all pupils and staff in their reception year group had been sent home for 14 days.

All of the children and teachers in the reception year group have been sent home as a result.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, director of public health for Worcestershire said: "An individual from Burlish Park Primary School has tested positive for COVID19.

"This case was quickly identified, and the school is being supported by Public Health.

"Additional measures have been put in place to protect the school and help minimise any further disruption.

"The bubble which contains 60 reception children is now self-isolating for 14 days in line with guidance and will continue their learning through remote access."