A POPULAR Worcester beauty salon was forced to shut after workers cut through a pipe leaving the salon without water.

Tabitha Wilkinson, owner of Beauty By Tabitha in St John’s says she has lost earnings of up to £2500.

She said: “On Friday the builders next to our salon have gone through the water pipe so we have had to close the salon.

“We can’t wash colour off so we had to cancel all hair clients, and we couldn’t perform beauty treatments either as we couldn’t wash our hands or follow guidelines.

“I am very emotional about it. It has been hard enough bouncing back after covid. Then we had to deal with the road closures that made it difficult for clients to get to us. Now we have to close again because of the builders going through the pipe!”

St John’s County Councillor Richard Udall has asked the council to compensate Tabitha for her loss of earnings.

He said: “It seems to me that this was an accident and in no way done deliberately, nevertheless, Tabitha has lost out on a considerable amount of trade by having to shut the salon.

“I have reported the issue to the county council and requested that Tabitha be compensated by the council for her loss of earnings.

“This is the problem with the council not completing work themselves, they end up subcontracting and they hire further subcontractors until we have no idea who is working on our highways.”

Worcestershire County Council declined to comment.

The beauty salon owner has since informed us they will be open for beauty clients only as the water for the hair salon upstairs is still not working.

Ms Wilkinson said: "It has been a nightmare. But, I would like to thank Richard Udall for for his help and support in getting us back up and running."