A FIRM fishy favourite is returning to Worcester according to its owners.

Andrew Demetriou and Tony Porphiriou have told the Worcester News they are re-opening the Ambleside Fish Bar in Warndon.

The pair closed its doors on June 22 last year with a sign placed on the shop front notifying customers that the fish bar has been permanently closed.

The closure sparked a huge reaction from the Worcester News readers, with more than 400 comments posted on our Facebook page.

Now the pair are returning to Worcester to run the popular chip shop once again.

Mr Demetriou said: “We are coming back, bigger and better than ever! We have signed a new long term lease with the council and hope to be re-open this Monday.

“We have a huge task on our hands - winning our customers back - but we are confident that word will get out of our opening and our fantastic loyal customers will return to us.”

Rumours of the re-opening has caused a stir with our readers.

Over 100 people commented on the story we did yesterday about the chip shop maybe re-opening.

Georgie Laing said: “Yes! Such lovely food and people. Big portions too. It would be so nice if they reopened.”

Tracey Hankins said: “Oh my gosh. Yes! They did amazing chips. Shouldn’t have closed down in the first place.”

At the time of the closure Nicola Long posted: “Best place in Worcester for quality and quantity. Also one of the hardest, most honest, friendly families in Worcester.

“Never known a time of them not being there. They watched me and my family grow up, my own child and were always taking the time to check on you, all while waiting to be served.

“There is a reason this is the only place in Worcester to have the queues like they did, and I hope they make a quick return. No one will run that place like they did.”