A SCHOOLBOY has been hailed a hero by the community after performing first aid on a man who was knocked off his motorbike in Worcester.

Oscar Noctor, aged 15, was on his way to Tudor Grange Academy when he saw a car hit a motorcyclist in Bilford Road on Monday morning.

He said: “The man was knocked off his bike and must have gone about five feet in the air. I heard his body smack the concrete.

“I immediately stepped in and administered first aid. The motorcyclist had a fractured tibia, the bone was poking through his leg.

“There were lots of people there, they were really shocked.

“I asked a bystander to get me a first aid kit from Perdiswell Leisure Centre. Once we had that I dressed the wound and immobilised it with two bags.

“I then immobilised his head with my hands until the ambulance arrived.

“I handed over to the paramedics and carried on to school.”

After we published the story on our website on Monday evening, readers flocked to the comment section to praise Oscar's heroic efforts.

Among them was Stephen Phillip Irish who claimed to be the motorcyclist hurt in the crash. He wrote: “Thank you Oscar for coming to my aid. After six hours in hospital, a CT Scan and x-ray revealed a small crack [in left hip], apparently no broken bones in my right leg but extensive damage to supporting ligaments – still very painful.

“Have a splint fitted and crutches to aid mobility but I cannot stand up from seated unaided.

"Made a really big difference having someone confident to support and aid me when I needed it. Your parents should be proud of you.

"Motorbike is a right mess.

Thanks again. Hopefully will catch up with you when I fully recover.”

A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed that the motorcyclist had been taken to hospital.

He said: “We were called at 9.43am on Monday August 14 to reports of a collision between a car and a motorbike on Bilford Road, near to Perdiswell Leisure Centre. One ambulance and the Midlands Air Ambulance Critical Care Car attended the scene.

“On arrival we discovered bystanders already administering aid to the patient, a man, who was the motorcyclist.

“He was treated for a potentially serious, but not life-threatening injury, before being taken to Worcester Royal Hospital for further assessment.”

Oscar said he has always wanted to be a doctor.

He said: “I have had training with the St John’s Ambulance Service and I felt ready and prepared for the situation.

"I have always wanted to be a doctor, my passion is helping people. I hope the man is ok and that I did enough to help him.”