THE story of the Worcester schoolboy who helped administer first aid on a biker who was involved in an accident was inspiring.

That he not only stopped and offered to help, but knew what to do in the situation, was brilliant and displayed a maturity beyond his years.

I certainly would not have know what to do back when I was 15.

What the story shows us is not only the value of knowing first aid procedures like these, but having the confidence to use them.

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A relative of mine once went for defibrillator training, and the most common reason given for people not using them was fear of getting it wrong.

Having the confidence to know you are helping and doing the right thing is vital and potentially life-saving, so Oscar’s story is one we can all learn from.

It is also a good advert for teaching first aid in schools and workplaces.

Why wouldn’t we want more people to know how to carry out first aid? Especially in times like these when the NHS is hard-pressed and under-resourced.