IT'S the time of year when thoughts turn to first days at school pictures, so we thought we'd take a dip into the great memories of school being shared on our We grew up in Worcester page on Facebook.

Members have been swapping stories and pictures of their times at school and it has been great to see what a huge variety of responses to the a request to complete the statement, "You know you grew up in Worcester when you remember... "

Worcester News:

A school trip to the IOW for pupils and staff at St Stephen's School

"Hearing Ernie Maisie shouting,''Final!'' as he delivered the Evening News"

"The smell of Lea & Perrins, Kay's warehouse"

"The sticky penny buns from a small bakery in St John's"

"Parks's Pool – unheated and open air!"

"When the sales was on at Kays and you stood outside for ages for them to open the doors"

"The lady in white who used to catch the bus at Shrub Hill 18/28."

Why not go to our We grew up in Worcester page on Facebook and add your memories?