RECKLESS bikers are speeding down footpaths putting pedestrians in peril, claims a resident.

The resident recorded a motorcyclist speeding down Trotshill Lane in Warndon Villages - an occurrence he says is frequent.

He said he is worried for the safety of pedestrians with dogs and children as motorbikes are "joyriding" down the foot paths.

He said: "At the first sign of sunny weather the motorbikes appear in the footpaths in Warndon Villages. This has been an ongoing issue for years. On Saturday afternoon a bike was racing up and down a footpath behind my house.

"Last time I complained to police and they told me to get video evidence which I have now got and sent to them. Something needs to be done. Someone is going to get seriously hurt by one of these bikes one day."

Warndon Parish North councillor Andy Roberts said he was extremely disappointed to hear the problem has returned.

He said: "We’ve been plagued by off-road motorbikes for some years, despite the efforts of the police - who even seized motorbikes and had them crushed.

"To stop the problem in Trotshill Lane we had gates and a barrier fitted. This is in line with my protocol of easing barriers where the paths are used by people with disabilities (such as the route to Tesco) but making them more difficult where motorbikes are a persistent problem.

"The gates and fencing have produced a great result. There has been no problems like this for about a year.

"I guess the motorcycle riders have found a new route that we will have to tackle. The motorbikes are noisy and dangerous so I’ll happily work with the police to stop them."

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "We were called at around 4pm to reports of antisocial behaviour around Trotshill Lane in Warndon on Saturday 12 September.

"Officers attended and found a group of young people in the area. They were spoken to by police however no offences were identified."

Two years ago we reported a similar problem whereby angry Warndon residents said motorcyclists were riding at speed around the streets and on pavements causing a nuisance.

The motorcyclists, who were not always wearing helmets, were spotted in Purleigh Avenue, Barass Avenue, Trotshill Lane and Lyppard Habbington.

West Mercia Police’s PC Jason Hart encouraged residents at the time to take photographs and videos when they see anti-social behaviour incidents, as it will help them to take action.

The issue got so bad in March 2018 that then Warndon Parish Council chairman Ray Morris said people were afraid to take their children out and walk on the pavements.

But in an encouraging police report given in June 2018, councillors were told that there had been just one incident of an off road motorcyclist in June.

The then parish chairman, Nick Fielden, said this was good news, but he remained cautious that the problem could still return.