A SECOND sighting of a man hanging around Worcester schools has been reported.

A man, said to be Asian and in his 30s, in a BMW with private plates, was seen talking to a child through the car window in Mayfield Road, not far from St Barnabas CE Primary School, yesterday morning.

The man drove off after he was questioned by the girl's mother.

Sarah Hanson, headteacher from St Barnabas, has reassured parents the man had not tried to harm the child but said it was ‘worrying behaviour’.

This comes after a BMW driver was spotted following two schoolgirls on their way home from Bishop Perowne Church of England College in Merrimans Hill Road.

The man slowed down twice to pass them on Monday (September 14) afternoon.

Mrs Hanson sent the following letter to parents: “You may already be aware from a Bishop Perowne High School report and some high police presence earlier in the week that there have been local reports of a man approaching High school age children and speaking to them.

“The man is described as being Asian, mid to late 30s and driving a silver BMW car with a private number plate.

“This morning a man matching that description called over a child at our school on Mayfield Road and spoke to her through the car window.

“While he did not attempt to harm her in any way this is worrying behaviour by an adult and it has been reported to the police and Bishop Perowne.

“We do not want to scare children but have already discussed this incident with children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 as some of them walk to school or go out in the community without an adult.

“We have reminded them of who or what a ‘stranger’ is and what they should do if they are approached by a stranger or, see something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

“We have also talked about trusting your instincts- if something doesn’t ‘feel right’ it probably isn’t. We have also discussed who a trusted adult is in the family and at school for children to report any worries to. Children have responded very sensibly.

“Younger classes will also do work on ‘stranger danger’ as part of their normal PSHE ‘Keeping Safe’ work over the next days and weeks.

“Many thanks for your sensible approach to this recent unusual behaviour; please try not to worry- your children are very safe at school and we take their well-being and security very seriously but we also need to teach children how to keep themselves safe in lots of different circumstances.”

The school has asked its parents to talk their child about stranger danger, report any concerning incidents to the police and school, and if a child walks to or from school or goes out alone in the community advice must be given to them on safety strategies.

A report was made to police following the incident at around 9am.

Officers said a man in a BMW had spoken to a student walking to St Barnabas school, before her mother questioned him and he then drove off. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact 101 referencing 00142_I_17092020.