A TAXI driver nearly crashed after his window was smashed after someone threw something at his window as he was driving.

Zana Zahir was driving through Ambleside Drive, Warndon, to collect a passenger at around 9pm on Sunday night when the attack happened.

He said: “I was driving along when suddenly I heard this almighty crash by the side of me. It was terrifying.

 I was covered in glass on my face and arms. I didn’t see anyone or anything. It was so unexpected I almost crashed the car. My window was smashed into 1,000 tiny pieces. I was in shock, but I pulled over and phoned the police. Some neighbours came out to see if I was alright. I waited with them for the police to come.”

Mr Zahir from St John’s said he has been left feeling uneasy about returning to work after the attack.

The 43-year-old said: “I have been driving for over 20 years and a taxi driver for seven but this has really shaken me. Just seconds before the window was smashed I felt a bit chilly and so put the window up. If I hadn’t done that I could have been hit in the face and been seriously hurt.

Not to mention the fact I was driving and could have crashed and hurt myself or someone else. I keep thinking about how dangerous it was. I was very lucky it was just my taxi that was damaged.

I could have easily had a passenger or my children with me in the car. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I have heard stories of other similar incidents happening recently.

I just want to warn others to be extra vigilant as things like this could cause a death. I fell lucky to have escaped with my life.”

Mr Zahir has also been unable to work for four days due to the damage to his taxi.

He said: “I had a school contract that I couldn’t complete as my windows took four days to be replaced. I obviously won’t get paid for the days I have missed because I couldn’t do the work. I will wait until Monday to restart. I don’t feel comfortable going out on a weekend or at night any more. This has really made me feel uneasy on the road.”

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “We received a report that on Sunday 13 September at around 9pm, a motorist was travelling along Ambleside Drive, in Worcester, when it is believed an object was thrown at the vehicle. The object hit the passenger side front window causing it to smash.”

Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said: “Throwing objects at vehicles is very dangerous and reckless and it can result in serious injury. This type of incident can have very serious consequences for all road users.

Anyone with information can call police on 00756i of 15 September or report online via www.westmercia.police.uk Tell Us About section or via 101.”