SIR – I am becoming increasingly concerned with the ‘scare tactics’ being deployed by our Government regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Some people are literally too scared to leave their homes even now. However, I am not really sure exactly what they are scared of. According to the press cases of coronavirus are rising. Is this not because more people are being pressurised into being tested? This does not mean that more people are actually dying – just testing positive.

I do not suppose there are even as many deaths from coronavirus in Worcester every day as there are from cancer.

People need to understand that there will probably never be a vaccine – coronavirus is exactly that, a virus, and as such it mutates at such a rate it is almost impossible to stop.

It does, however, change and we become naturally immune to symptoms, so it ceases to kill all but the weak – much like the common cold and flu.

You can’t be in hiding forever, after all life is for living surely? And let’s be honest – none of us are going to live forever.

Julie A Reynolds