PHILLIP Ellson has something of a rarity on his hands.

The Droitwich driver has an Alpina B6s – and the chances of him running into another one being driven around the streets of Britain are slim to practically non-existent.

Only 40 were made – and of those there are just three in the UK, two in England and one north of the border, “so I’m not going to run into another by accident,” he says.

Phillip has owned the car for almost five years. The B6s is based on a BMW 645 but has a bespoke supercharged V8 engine, suspension and even a carbon bonnet. The interior is also upgraded with hand stitched Lavalina leather.

Worcester News:

In reflective mood after a good polishing

“I use it as a weekend car to go for drive outs and shows mainly. It makes a nice change from my work van!

“Most people don’t know what it is so can fly under the radar.

“My son loves having the roof down – even if it is cold or wet he wants it down! I limit it to dry days.”

Worcester News:

The carbon bonnet only fitted to the B6s

Phillip’s come a long way from his first car, a Ford Escort MK2, and was only ever going to give one answer to the question of his dream/fantasy vehicle, even allowing for admiration for the Audi S8 and Mercedes 6.8 used in the film Ronin.

“I think I already have it to be honest.

“As a mix of everyday luxury and performance it is hard to beat, and the sound of that supercharged V8 is addictive.”