THIS time two years ago a rapist who had escaped from court by jumping over the dock had six months added to his seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence after handing himself in.

Bradley Tout was accused of “cowardice” by Judge James Tindal after he jumped the dock at Worcester Crown Court on October 3 in 2018 and remained on the run for several days.

The then 20-year-old, of Durham Road, Ronkswood, was sentenced in his absence the following day before handing himself into police the following week.

Tout raped a 16-year-old girl in his car while parked near Warndon Villages on December 27, 2016, after she had already been raped by Kulin Odedra in the same car on the same night.

Odedra, then aged 28, of Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, was jailed for 11-and-a-half years for two rapes, one assault by penetration and one attempted rape.

As the sentence for Odedra was announced his mother began wailing from the public gallery and collapsed in the arms of her daughter.

Odedra raped the 16-year-old in Tout’s car after he parked it behind a skip in the car park of County Hall in Worcester.

Tout then drove to another remote location near Warndon Villages, Worcester where Tout and Odedra carried out further rapes.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright, sentencing, said Tout and Odedra had targeted the girl to use for sexual purposes.

He said: “Bradley Tout knew she was 16. You, Kulin Odedra, did not care what age she was.

“You and Bradley Tout regarded sex as a commodity to be obtained for your pleasure regardless of the impact upon the woman or women that you ended up coming into sexual contact with.

“You regarded women generally as ‘slags’ - your word - to be used and discarded.”

The judge also quoted another phrase Odedra had used - ‘does anybody else want to hit it?’ - a reference to sex with the girl.

The judge said Odedra had planned to take her to his Worcester shop for sex.

The judge added: “It’s clear you regarded her as nothing more than an object. Her feelings did not come into it.

“As far as Bradley Tout is concerned, he is someone who was plainly prepared to lie and manipulate this young girl before and after December 27.”

The judge said it was Odedra who had given the girl Jack Daniels whiskey and handed her a spliff.

The girl, described as ‘outnumbered and vulnerable’, was taken to a secluded spot and pressure was applied for her to have sex with them which she had not wanted to do.

The judge told Odedra: “You just wore her down. Her evidence is that you simply would not take no for an answer. When she was pushing you away you took no notice.

“In the position she was deliberately placed in, she was in no position to give consent. On the jury’s finding, she did not.”

The judge made an indefinite sexual harm prevention order which prohibited either man having any contact with the girl.