A WOMAN was so inspired seeing families out walking during lockdown she has decided to put together a booklet to help them out.

Barbara Hopper, of Hornsby Avenue, decided to put her local knowledge to good use and put together 'Walks from Lockdown' that contains information on walks that go around Warndon Villages and nearby.

Mrs Hopper said: "I saw lots of people of all ages out for a walk, I wondered whether they knew all the lovely walks in the area.

"There are nine walks, they range in length from 1.5 to around three miles and most can be done in an hour or so.

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"They go through woods and fields, along ancient treelined tracks, along the canal, through some very beautiful scenery.

"Walks go through several nature reserves. You see squirrels, bluebells, birds, occasionally a stray deer."

The booklet cost £4.50 and is available from the Tourist Information Office and Lyppard Hub, with all profit going to charity.