A STUDENT has tested positive for Covid-19 in Worcester.

A student from Bishop Perowne CE College has tested positive for the virus.

As a result, the school in Merrimans Hill Road has put additional measures in place to help minimise any further disruption.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health for Worcestershire said: “An individual from Bishop Perowne CE College has tested positive for COVID19.

"This case was quickly identified, and the school is being supported by Public Health.

"Additional measures have been put in place to protect the school and help minimise any further disruption.

"The Local Outbreak Response Team advised which students needed to self-isolate for 14 days in line with guidance and these students will continue their learning through remote access.”

The school has shared this information with parents: "We received notification on Saturday evening of a positive case of COVID for a student who attends Bishop Perowne.

"On Sunday morning, we immediately informed the Department for Education and the Local Outbreak Response Team who made a full risk assessment of the details of the case and our control measures and then advised us as to how to proceed.

"It is important that we protect the anonymity of the student affected, so we are not able to reveal any personal details, including the year group. If a student has been defined as a contact of the person you will have been contacted separately. All other students are able to attend school as normal.

"Asking students to self-isolate is more than just asking them not to come to school and is a serious matter and a civic responsibility. Students identified must not leave the house until the date published."

The Local Outbreak Response Team (LORT), having weighed up the case and the school's control measures, advised that the following students to self-isolate:

- Students who have been in the same classrooms as the affected case on relevant days.

- Students who have been identified by the person as a social/personal contact.

The parents of these students were contacted and advised that the student must self-isolate and cannot return to school until Wednesday, September 30.