Have you ever wondered where the most dangerous roads for Worcester cyclists are?

Crash Map is an interactive map which shows where ‘fatal’ ‘serious’ and ‘slight’ cycling accidents have occurred in your area.

The information is sourced from the most current government data and police records.

Worcester News: Accidents involving cyclists in Worcester (Photo: Crash Map)Accidents involving cyclists in Worcester (Photo: Crash Map)

When analysing the map, it’s clear to see where the accident blackspots are and which roads cyclists and motorists should be wary of while travelling.

In 2019 alone, there were six serious incidents and nine ‘slight’ cycling accidents (where the cyclists themselves were the casualty).

Over 133 pedal cycle accidents took place between 2015-2019.

Out of these accidents, one has been fatal- the incident took place in 2017 on the A449 and Claines Lane junction after a cyclist and a van collided.

(Photo: Google Maps)

One accident blackspot in Worcester is the roundabout in St Peter’s where two serious and three slight cycling accidents took place between 2015-2019.

(Credit: Google Maps)

Another accident hotspot to be aware of is the junction where Taylor’s Lane meets the A38. Two slight accidents have taken place at this junction- both in 2015.

The Blackpole Road roundabout, between Lidl and Currys PC World, is another blackspot for cyclists to be aware of- one serious and two minor accidents took place here.

Newton Road is another dangerous road for cyclists- three serious accidents took place on this road between 2017-2018.

Tolladine Road and Newton Road also appears to be dangerous roads for cyclists- two serious and two minor accidents have occurred on each of these roads.

Other Worcester roads where many serious cycling accidents took place between 2015-2019 include Barbourne Road (3) and Newton Road (4).

Road safety in Worcester

There are a number of cycle paths and routes in Worcester for cyclists to travel along in safety.

Earlier this year, Worcestershire County Council put in a bid for more than a million pounds in walking and cycling funds- if approved, this money will improve cycle routes and walk ways in Worcestershire.

While it’s great to see local councils taking great strides to improve road safety for cyclists, Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at Brake (road safety charity), thinks more can still be done.

He said: “We will only achieve safe and healthy mobility for everyone if we get more people cycling but to do this we need to overcome the barriers which deter people from getting on their bikes.

“We urgently need more investment in dedicated cycling infrastructure and we need safer vehicle speeds, including 20mph limits in our towns and cities.

“We urge all road users to look out for each other, particularly around known danger spots, and call on those driving vehicles that can cause the most harm to always keep below speed limits and be aware of the danger your vehicle can pose to others.”