A YOUNG woman has been left terrified after she was followed by two men on her way home in Worcester.


Keeley Austen-Marsden, 21, said she was walking home along Toftdale Green at around 9am after dropping her little brother off at school when she was followed by the men this morning (Monday).


Miss Austen-Marsden said: “I was walking back from the Lyppard Grange Primary School after taking my little brother in yesterday morning and I noticed these two blokes were behind me.


“I didn’t think anything of it to start with until they got closer to me. They were within arms reach so I picked up my speed and so did they. I was terrified. I ran to the top of the road and when I looked back they had gone.


“I didn’t see where they went and I couldn’t see their faces as they had hoods on. They were about six foot and stocky. I’m just glad I got my brother into school first. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he was still with me. He’s only nine.”


Miss Austen-Marsden reported the men to the police when she got home.


"I still feel shaken up now," she added.


This comes after three separate reports of suspicious men hanging around schools last week. On September 10 the head of St Barnabas CE Primary School confirmed the school had received numerous reports of a man behaving strangely.


Sarah Hanson said: “We did have several reports of a man behaving suspiciously outside our school on Tuesday. Members of staff saw this person and so did two workmen who were working on the grounds opposite. The man was approached and he moved on. He returned later and was witnessed again by members of staff.”


On September 15 Bishop Perowne CE College contacted parents with the message: “Please be aware we have had reports of a male approaching and following the students in a car close to the school. Police have been notified and we are continuing to liaise with them as they follow this up.”


“Please discuss with your children the steps they should take if they are approached by someone who makes them feel uncomfortable.”


Two days later, a man, said to be Asian and in his 30s, in a BMW with private plates, was seen talking to a child through the car window not far from St Barnabas CE Primary School. The man drove off after he was questioned by the girl’s mother.