THERE is a mixed reaction on whether overnight roadworks should be halted in St John's, Worcester.

This comes after city councillor Richard Udall has called for all-night roadworks to be stopped after after residents have been left “in tears” by the disruption.

Overnight resurfacing works from 9.30pm to 6am have been taking place as part of the scheme to improve St John’s, with work being carried out on the Bull Ring roundabout and the area around Lloyds Bank.

Cllr Udall is proposing for a cut off-point, where the works will stop at midnight. This will enable some work but not throughout the whole night, he said.

Worcester News readers have had their say.

Louise Birch said: “Whilst I have every sympathy with people experiencing disrupted sleep, it won't last forever and they are trying to do it in such a way that it provides as little disruption to day to day life in the area, knowing full well it would cause even more complaints.”

Andie Power said: “For everyone saying get on with it, clearly you have never experienced road works at night. It’s deafening, couple that with sleep deprivation and you have some very unhappy people. Council should have offered a hotel for people that needed it.”

Isobel Kathryn said: “That’s too bad, it’s only a few nights. Often it’s necessary to carry out work like this overnight as that’s the only viable time to close a road to do this work.”

Dave Harford said: “Don’t fix the road. Let it damage cars. Oh wait, people will moan. So let’s fix the road. Make it good and nice. Let’s do it in daytime and gridlock Worcester. People will moan. Ok let’s do it at night for a few nights. Oh no. People moan. You’ll never win. End of. But personally; I think it looks great.”

Miss Titania said: “Absolutely shouldn't be working at night in a residential area. There are strict rules regarding noisy works, should not start before 8am and finish by 6pm, so this should not be allowed.”

Jabbadad said: “I live very close to the roadworks and yes, there have been sleepless nights when the heavy stuff was being worked on, but being retired I am able to adjust my sleeping habits, so I go to bed when I cannot keep my eyes open any longer and have a nice sleep in next morning. Since I don't really have any routine apart from taking my medicines, things have been working out.”