A TEENAGER was left terrified after a man pulled out a knife and cursed at him when he was walking home from school, making the boy fear he was about to be stabbed.

Jayme Jarvis described how a man approached him and pointed a knife at him on his walk home from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester.

The 15-year-old was left frightened after the confrontation, which happened in Windermere Drive, Warndon, opposite the Archdales Social Club at around 4.15pm on Monday, September 21.

Jayme, from Worcester, said: “I was walking home and had just said goodbye to my friends. I saw this guy walking down the hill towards me. He was acting weird, I can’t explain it, but he was acting strange.

“He carried on walking down the hill and locked eyes with me. He gave me this death stare.

“He was waving this knife in the air with his hands. Then he told me to f*** off as he pointed the knife at me.

“He shouted at me, he said ‘you p****’ as I carried on walking away.

“I thought the best thing I could do was to walk away and not aggravate him even more.”

Jayme added: “At the time I was in shock. You see things like that in the news but would never think it’s going to happen to you.

“I felt like I was going to be stabbed.

“I have never met him before and didn’t recognise him.

“As soon as I got home, I told my family what had happened.”

The year 10 student described the knife as three inches long with a sharp, pointed blade. Jayme said the experience has made him anxious.

His mum, Sara Jarvis, said: “I am quite upset, to be honest. I am worried about all the children walking home and how safeguarded they are.

“I would advise all parents to tell their children to carry a mobile with them while travelling so they can call the police if they see anything.”

Mrs Jarvis said she will now walk her son to school for the next few days as she doesn’t want Jayme being alone.

Jayme described the man as black, 6ft tall and wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

The teen reported the incident to the police, and he says he was told he would be sent a victim support letter in the next couple of days.

A spokesman from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester said: “The school is supporting the child and family with this incident and liaising closely with the police.

“Fortunately, the child is safe and well.”

A Westy Mercia Police spokesman said: “We had reports of a man wielding a knife in the street.

“Four crews attended including a British Transport Police crew to ensure the public were safeguarded.

“No one was hurt during the incident and we have a number of witnesses that are helping with our enquiries.”