A 14-YEAR-OLD plan to build a bungalow at the bottom of a cul-de-sac has been rejected for a sixth time.

The plan would have seen a two-bedroom bungalow in Farm Close off Bilford Road - replacing an "underused" set of garages.

An appeal to overturn Worcester City Council's refusal was thrown out again having already been rejected several times by councillors, planning departments and various government planning inspectors over the years.

The city council's planning committee rejected the plan in September last year with a government planning inspector also rejecting the appeal last week.

The inspector's report said the bungalow would look out of place to the rest of the homes.

"Although the site no longer forms part of the rear gardens of properties on Field Road, given the site is largely screened behind existing fencing and gates, the site, when viewed from Farm Close relates visually to these gardens," it said.

"The bungalow would be sited further back into the plot than the existing garages and considering it would be surrounded by the rear gardens, the set back nature of the bungalow would appear to visually intrude amongst them.

A similar plan was rejected twice by Worcester City Council in 2006 and 2007 when the site was still part of the rear garden of homes in Field Road over concerns it was overdevelopment of out-of-keeping with the character of the area.

Another plan was rejected by the city council's planning committee in October 2008.

Two appeals to the planning inspectorate were rejected in 2007 and 2009.

Both reports by the planning inspectorate concluded that building a bungalow would be "intrusive" to neighbours and would not respect the existing character of the area.

The site was previously part of the rear garden of two homes in Field Road.

The land was split and sold off in 2008.