A COUNCILLOR is calling for works to be suspended following traffic chaos in St John’s.

City councillor Richard Udall, who represents St John’s ward, says the traffic queues in St John’s have been “horrendous.”

This is due to renovation work being carried out on Sabrina Bridge and ongoing roadworks taking place in the heart of St John’s - two schemes which Worcestershire County Council argues are 'extremely important'.

The councillor said he’s been told by parents that they’ve struggled to collect their child on time from school.

Cllr Udall said: “I have heard from residents how frustrated and upset they were yesterday [Monday] when it took them over an hour to get home to St John’s and across the river. There were cases where students were left at school and couldn’t be picked up by their parents on time.

“It’s clearly not appropriate to have the main diversion route through St John’s, when St John’s roadworks are taking place to also be obstructed by traffic lights. It’s simply not good enough that people are being expected to be obstructed on their way from a busy day at work. We need to do something to help them. It’s causing chaos, aggravation and misery and we can’t allow this to continue. The traffic is all throughout the day and this will be going on for a number of months. It’s not appropriate to do this at the same time as the roadworks in St John’s.”

Cllr Udall says he's asked the council to either allow the works to continue but not obstruct the road, or to suspend the works until a “more appropriate time.”

He added: “The timing is wrong, it’s unfortunate but we have to find a way to move those temporary traffic lights. To carry on regardless is not an option.”

A council spokesman said: “The works at St John’s and those on Sabrina Bridge are extremely important schemes for Worcester and they both need to be completed as soon as possible. We are continually reviewing the traffic management measures put in place to facilitate both schemes, with a view to getting the best flow of traffic through the area.”