A CYCLING campaigner has denied cycling in the city centre causes distress to shoppers filming himself cycling along the pedestrianised area in a bid to show it is safe.

Dan Brothwell filmed the video as he hit out at the plans to extend a ban on cyclists from pedestrianised areas of the city centre.

Cars and bikes will now not be allowed to use pedestrianised areas of the city centre between 10am and 6pm – two hours longer than the current ban.

Mr Brothwell, chairman of city cycling campaigners Bike Worcester, took the video in the High Street at 4pm on Monday afternoon.

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In his introduction to camera he says: “I’m going to see how dangerous it is”. And during the two minute video he narrates as he cycles at a speed of 8mph, pointing out if there were lots of pedestrians he would have got off and pushed.

He said: “I guess my beef with this ban really is the fact it is kind of done under the pretence of health and safety. This ‘stopping cyclists coming through makes it safer for pedestrians’.

“But I think most cyclists are pretty sensible. I don’t think I have caused any distress to any pedestrians. I’m fairly certain most cyclists are like me, not cycling mad morons.”

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways at Worcestershire County Council, has previously said: “This measure is long overdue and will make the city centre not only much safer for pedestrians but also a much more enjoyable experience. This is particularly important at this time when we need to encourage people to get out and about in the High Street.”