THE city area with the most deaths linked to coronavirus has been revealed.

A total of 15 people in Lower Wick and Bromwich Road who had coronavirus died in the five months between March and July, according to the latest government figures.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that one coronavirus death was recorded in July in Northwick.

Also affected were people living in the Lyppard Grange area, which includes parts of Warndon and borders Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Ten people from that area have died from the virus between March and July.

Six deaths were recorded in Battenhall and Diglis during the same period.

The numbers refer to deaths relating to people living in the area and where coronavirus was mentioned as a cause on the death certificate.

Search using your postcode to find out how many deaths have been recorded in your area:

Worcester’s Henwick area, which covers many WR2 postcodes including Hylton Road, Hallow Road, Henwick Road and Martley Road, saw five deaths.

King George’s Field, which includes some WR3 and WR4 postcodes in Tunnel Hill, Tolladine Road, Langdale Drive and Brickfields Road, also saw five deaths.

The three deaths in June were recorded in Northwick, Lyppard Grange and St Peter's.

The figures show there were three deaths were recorded in June in Worcester with 16 deaths recorded in May.

A total of 39 deaths were recorded in April and four deaths occurred in March.

The city saw four recorded virus deaths in March – two in Worcester North, the area covering many WR1 and some WR3 postcodes including most of the city centre, Arboretum and Barbourne, and one each in Henwick and Barbourne and Rainbow Hill.

A total of 39 deaths were recorded in April – the highest of the five-month period.

That month, seven people from Lower Wick and Bromwich Road died while five people living in Lyppard Grange and Battenhall and Diglis died. Four deaths were recorded in Henwick and King George’s Field.

In May, a total of 14 deaths were recorded, half of which were in Lower Wick and Bromwich Road. Four deaths were recorded in Lyppard Grange.

The figures are split into several ‘middle super output areas’ which is used by the Office for National Statistics as zones that are slightly larger than postcode areas with an average population of around 7,200 people.

Coronavirus deaths by area recorded between March and July:

  1. Lower Wick and Bromwich Road – 15
  2. Lyppard Grange – 10
  3. Battenhall and Diglis – 6
  4. King George’s Field – 5
  5. Henwick – 5
  6. Northwick – 4
  7. Worcester Town North – 4
  8. Barbourne and Rainbow Hill – 3
  9. Warndon West – 3
  10. Ronkswood and Nunnery Wood – 3
  11. St Peter’s - 2
  12. Warndon East – 1
  13. Worcester Town South – 1
  14. Dines Green and St John’s – 1