A PARKING scheme in Worcester comes into force soon, meaning non-residents will be unable to park for free in the city centre.

County councillor Matthew Jenkins has been pushing for a parking permit scheme to be introduced in the Arboretum since 2018 – and finally, the scheme is due to begin on October 1.

Cllr Jenkins said: “The drivers that use all the free parking to go to work or do some shopping, they won’t be able to do that anymore.

“It will stop those using the area as a free car park.”

Cllr Jenkins hopes people will consider changing how they travel into Worcester by encouraging those to car share or use their bicycle.


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Worcester City Council no longer issue physical resident parking, instead, it has moved to a virtual system.

Residents will have to apply via the MiPermit system that will process the application and take payment, creating a unique account in which they can manage which car is in use on the day, change vehicles or extend the period of operation.

Having a permit allows a resident to park in any part of the scheme, not just on their road.

Three permits are allowed for each household. It will cost £30 for the first permit, £40 for the second, £60 for third and £5 to replace the permit if it has been lost.

Visitor scratch permits are available which lasts for six hours. Each visitor permit will cost £5 for ten cards (each card contains four permits).

Therefore, to park for six hours will only cost 12.5p. There is a maximum allowance of 80 cards per year.

The permit plan will cover more than 1,200 homes, from the Arboretum and up to St. George’s Lane North.

Residents will have to buy permits to park in Arboretum Road, Barry Street, Chestnut Street, Chestnut Walk, East Street, Flag Meadow Walk, Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne Street, Lansdowne Terrace, Little Chestnut Street, Little Southfield Street, Lowell Street, Lower Chestnut Street, Middle Street, Northfield Street, Sansome Walk, Shrubbery Avenue, Shrubbery Road, Southfield Street, St Georges Lane North, Tennis Walk, Washington Street, Westbury Street, White Ladies Walk, Wolverton Road and Wood Terrace.

Cllr Jenkins used a combination of his Highways Maintenance Fund (£3,900) and divisional fund (£6,000) to pay towards the cost.

Works began in the Arboretum on September 18.