ACTIVISTS from across Worcestershire took part in a "die-in" today in Worcester.

Members of XR Malvern Hills marched through the streets of the city to Cathedral Square, where they lay on the ground to raise awareness of extinct species and call for climate action.

Speaking to the demonstrators, Suzanne Savage, from Malvern, said: "Last year 11,000 top climate scientists spoke up and said that human beings are facing what they called an ‘existential threat,’ to our civilisation. 

Worcester News:

"An ‘existential threat’. What does that mean? It means climate a threat to our very existence human beings. It means Extinction.

"Extinction means everybody dies. This is the level of threat we are talking about when we say we are facing a climate emergency. 

"An emergency—by its very nature—is a very big problem; it’s something you have to deal with right now.

Worcester News:

"30 countries have acknowledged the threat of climate crisis and have declared an emergency. 

"And 68 per cent of councils in the UK have also declared a climate emergency. But not the Worcestershire County Council. 

"They are burying their hands in the sand and refusing to provide the leadership necessary to address this crisis.

Worcester News:

"Perhaps you are asking yourself if this really is a crisis. Perhaps you’ve heard predictions of what will happen to the climate at the end of century, and since you won’t be around for that, you’re not too worried. 

"Well, if the need to protect today’s children and future generations is not enough to motivate you, let me tell you that the climate emergency has already started."

The protests on Saturday were the second in successive days following Friday's protests, which saw Extinction Rebellion members hang up signs and banners on bridges around the city.

Worcester News:

One protestor, Andy Lyon, 53, from Malvern, said: “It is absolutely appalling that our elected officials refuse to provide the leadership necessary to address the very real crisis we are facing.

“Over 68 per cent of local councils have declared a climate emergency and many are developing innovative green solutions which improve people’s quality of life whilst drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“But Worcestershire County Council continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the warnings of climate scientists, who are very clearly saying that we need to act now before it’s too late.”