FEWER than five Worcester University students who have been on campus have tested positive for Covid-19.

A University of Worcester spokesman said: “At the University of Worcester we have over 500 classes of 30 students or more each week which are timetabled for in-person teaching.

"There are many times that number of sessions in smaller tutorials, seminar and practical groups which are in-person. Our aim is for all our 10,500 students to enjoy a combination of in-person and online education.

"Since the beginning of September, less than 5 of the University’s students who have been on campus have tested positive for Covid-19.

"The University has been working very closely with the Director of Public Health for Worcestershire and her staff to quickly trace cases, isolate the virus and break the chain of transmission.

"The health, welfare and safety of students, staff and the community is our number one priority which is why the University has created a blend on in-person and online learning which is successful, sustainable and as safe as possible in these difficult times. We are grateful to the Director of Public Health for Worcestershire for her help in this work, which included active participation in a very successful, socially distanced Welcome Weekend, which took place in mid-September without any negative incidents of any kind."

The university has introduced a range of measures on campus, including reduced capacities in classrooms, new furniture layouts to facilitate physical distancing, along with extensive hand washing and sanitising facilities.

The University and Students’ Union have also been working together to remind students and staff of the importance of being aware of symptoms, physical distancing, good hand hygiene and procedures to follow, including extensive messaging across campuses, hosting a virtual all-student meeting before the start of the semester and sharing messages online and by email.