ANTI-SOCIAL teenagers are the cause of vandalism in Upton-upon-Severn, say residents.

A recent spate of vandalism in Upton has prompted some residents to point the finger at a group of teens.

This weekend, the windscreen of a car parked in New Street was shattered, apparently by someone jumping up and down on the glass until it broke.

People living in the town have expressed their frustration on a community Facebook page for Upton-Upon-Severn.

Bernie Collins said: “I am also so fed up with the behaviour of these kids. This underage drinking is no doubt becoming a big problem here in our lovely town. This is happening every weekend now in Upton and getting worse.”

Lizzi Rokket said: "When the big group of kids known as ‘the Upton massive’ used to congregate on the Pepper Pot a few years back, we both used to call the police non-emergency number every time. Eventually there was an increased police presence and they disappeared. New Street is becoming a very unpleasant place to be, and I worry for my own vehicle.”

Other residents claimed to have been on the receiving end of more anti-social behaviour by teenagers.

Angela Neale: “I turned into Minge Lane to see six teenagers, three boys, three girls, in the middle of the road, not wanting to move.”

Town councillor Graham Francis said: “I feel for anyone who has experienced this loutish behaviour and I’m surprised as the town is a safe place in which to live. Anyone who is worried should contact police and secure their cars out of view.”