SIR – Hats off to the indefatigable city councillor Richard Udall.

No sooner  had his proposal for a mobile post office in Dines Green been rejected, than he called for a mobile library to serve the city.

This would be of great value, particularly in these trying times when so many, especially the elderly and vulnerable, are anxious about leaving home.

There is a certain magic about going to a library, the opportunity to enter another world, to learn something new,  or as Jorge Luis Borges said: “I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library”.

Let’s hope the powers that be give serious consideration to his proposal.

On another note, I notice councillor Udall is very active in the community and is often featured in the Worcester News fighting for people’s rights.

It would be nice to see other councillors being so passionate about their communities.

John Savage