THE force was strong with cinema-going youngsters in 1983, as shown by this fantastic picture posted by Chris Jones in our We grew up in Worcester Facebook page.

It was the day arch-villain Darth Vader popped in to the Worcester Odeon as part of the promotion tour for The Return Of The Jedi.

Do you recognise anyone you know? Or maybe you remember being there?

One man who does recognise himself is Stephen Chambers, who confesses to being the man in the suit in the picture he shared on the right.

Stephen said: “[It’s] Me dressed in Vader costume promo of Return of the Jedi. I had to hand out prize gifts won through the Evening News.”

Paul Tulk said he was there with his brother, while Gail Braznell spotted several familiar faces and Shane Phelps added that could see his Uncle John Cane at the back of the main image.

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