THERE has been a mixed reaction from Worcester News readers after police in Worcester said there is “no evidence” that a criminal gang is trying to abduct children.

Supt. Steph Brighton from West Mercia Police reassured the public following recent reports of suspicious people speaking to children going to and from schools in the city.

She said police had investigated a number of ‘perceived incidents’ but found nothing to suggest any attempted abductions.

On the Worcester News Facebook page, Adam Słoneczny wrote: “If the police have investigated each report, and found nothing to go on, then what do you want them to do?

“They cannot make suspects out of the air. I understand parents being angry but what else can the police do if the trail goes nowhere?”

Lawrence Edward Richard said: “The Police statement says there is no evidence, not that anyone is lying.”

Rachel Curtis wrote: “Just because there’s no evidence, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Just stay vigilant.”

Janet Rose wrote: “I’d love to know what “actual” evidence they require.”

Supt. Brighton released a statement after string of reports about ‘men in cars’ approaching schoolchildren.

The concern prompted members of the public to set up a Facebook group has been set up with more than 3,000 members called “Help keep our children safe in Worcester.”

However, Supt. Brighton asked the public to report incidents to the police - rather than on social media.

She said:I am aware of the heightened concerns in Worcester regarding a number of perceived incidents that have been reported across social media and within the press. I understand that there is a heightened public concern that children may be at risk and I want to reassure you that no information received indicates, in any way, that a gang or individuals are working in Worcester trying to abduct our children.

“To date, despite the good intent of the members of the public reporting, none of these suspicious activities have transpired into criminal activity.

“There are just two unlinked reports that we are investigating in further detail to establish the full facts and details of any activity criminal or otherwise.”