VODKA and rum are not the only spirits lurking in these Worcestershire pubs.

From phantom black cats to pint glasses that smash on their own, a lot of unexplained stories have come out of pubs in the region.

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to visit these spooky places and do some ghost hunting for yourself… if you’re brave enough.

Here are five of the most haunted pubs in Worcestershire- and the stories and legends that have come out of them.

Ye Olde Talbot, Friar Street, Worcester

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Before being transformed into a pub. Ye Olde Talbot was a coaching Inn from the 13th century- it is said to have an incredibly haunted history.

A young woman in Quaker clothing has been spotted in room 11- she has been seen disappearing in and out of the window.

A phantom black cat has also been seen in the hotel and it was described as “bundle of wool” that frightened the bartender’s dog- but it hasn’t been spotted since it was refurbished back in 2004.

The Mug House, Claines Lane, Worcester

Worcester News:
The Mug House (Credit: Geograph, Roy Hughes 
This pub used to be a church dating back as far as the 15th century and was built withing a graveyard- a lot of strange occurrences have been reported in the pub’s history.

A ghost called Bert is said to haunt the hallways and visitors might hear him wandering around the upper parts of the building.

Customers at the pub report seeing pint glasses swinging like a pendulum.

Judy Allen, landlady at the pub, said glasses have even smashed with no logical explanation as to why.

She told Worcester News back in 2002: "We had friends round that afternoon and as we came behind the bar we heard the crashing of glass.

"We went behind the bar and one tumbler fell about two inches on to the floor and it broke into pieces.

"The noise was unnaturally loud considering it fell two inches on to lino.

One Trip Advisor user said that the “place is clearly haunted”- while it is “beautifully kept” with a “great atmosphere”

The Cardinal’s Hat, Friar Street, Worcester

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Creepy happenings have reported to have happened at one of the oldest pubs in Worcester.

Objects have been moved, items have fallen off the walls and faint conversations have been heard despite no-one being around.

People have reported seeing a little blonde girl running across the first floor.

People also claim that rooms on the first floor suddenly get very hot before rapidly cooling down again- could this be related to the fire that broke out here during the Victorian era?

The King's Head, Sidbury, Worcester

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A ghostly apparition nick-named Sid is said to roam The Kings Head.

The mischievous ghost is said to tilt pictures, ring bells and turn off beer barrels.

Locals at the pub said the ghost would walk through walls while wearing pantaloons and period clothing.

The newest landlords said that no major paranormal activity has happened recently- but papers have knocked off the bar without cause and doors have closed even after being propped open.

Ye Olde Black Cross, Worcester Road, Bromsgrove

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Ye Olde Black Cross is a historic pub which dates back as far as 1640; It used to be a holding pen for criminals who were sentenced to death and hung.

The ghosts of the criminals are still said to lurk in the pub, along with the spirit of a little girl and a cavalier soldier who is often spotted walking to the bar.

Unexplained images and apparitions have also shown up on CCTV.

The pub is also an inn, with two haunted rooms to stay at if you are brave enough.

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