THE least deprived areas in the city with greater access to higher-paid jobs and a better quality of life have been revealed as part of a new study.

New figures show the huge differences between more than 60 neighbourhoods in Worcester with how you much you earn and your standard of living falling dramatically by a mere matter of miles.

Here are the ten least deprived areas in Worcester according to the study:


Worcester News:

The five-least deprived areas in Worcester include parts of St Peter’s and Battenhall with one area in Northwick taking the top spot in the government’s ‘indices of deprivation’ study for the area with the most advantages.

The study, which has for the first time in five years, combined almost 40 statistics in every area of the city looking at wages and employment, skills and qualification, physical and mental health, risk of premature death, crime, access to housing and other services as well as air quality and living environment.


Worcester News:

The study makes good reading for people living in Northwick Close, Seymour Avenue and Pinkett Street where figures show the chance of being a victim of crime is very low, services can be accessed with relative ease and employment rates and high wages are amongst some of the greatest in the city.

Residents in Northwick are also expected to have one of the best living environments both inside and out.


Worcester News:

Two areas in St Peter’s were ranked the second and fifth least deprived with Battenhall taking third.

Northwick again was ranked the highest in level of attainment in education and skills and Battenhall had the lowest chances of premature death and poor quality of life through mental and physical illnesses.

Three neighbourhoods in Northwick and Claines were also included as was most of southern Warndon near Worcestershire Royal Hospital and the eastern corner of Warndon.


Worcester News:

All of the four recorded neighbourhoods in St Peters were included in the ten least deprived areas of the city.

Northwick again scored the lowest in terms of deprivation amongst children and the elderly.

The lowest crime score for the possibility of becoming a victim to crime amongst the statistics was in Henwick.


Worcester News:

Northwick, Claines and some neighbourhoods in eastern and southern Warndon were ranked as having the lowest deprivation for children and the elderly.

Some of the neighbourhoods between Northwick and Bevere were ranked fourth in the areas with the least deprivation.