A GRANDMOTHER is disgusted after spotting a Worcester retailer selling 'sexy' leatherette trousers for children as young as five.

Helen Richards was browsing with her daughter, Alison, aged 33, in the High Street’s River Island when she found the black leatherette trousers on display in the children’s section of the store.

Ms Richard, from Worcester, has slammed River Island and says the product is “sexualising children.”

Ms Richards, aged 60, said: “Why are they sexualising children?

“Why do they feel the need to put leather trousers for parents to buy for their child?

“It’s so wrong, especially in this day and age. We shouldn’t encourage our children to dress like that.”

The grandmother-of-seven says the leatherette trousers were available to buy from aged five to age 12.

She added: “There’s more than one way to take away a child’s innocence.

“I am so angry.”

The pair went shopping on Tuesday, September 29, to find an outfit for Alison's daughter, who is aged nine.

Ms Richards said: “It was the first time I have been shopping in months. I was shopping with my daughter who was looking for an outfit for her daughter.

“She pointed at these trousers, and I was so shocked. I am usually the one who mentions this sort of thing."

Ms Richards said she was particularly concerned because of recent fears about strangers approaching children being reported to police.

She said: “I thought I am not going to be one of those people who ignore it, especially with so much going on in Worcester at the moment.

“That sort of thing makes me think 'speak out'.

“There are other options of clothes for children to wear.

“I was tempted to say something to the staff but it’s not their fault.”

Ms Richards believes River Island should remove the clothing from their store immediately.

She said she was also worried that the clothes might attract 'unwanted attention.'

She said: “Young people can’t deal with that and it can take away their childhood."

A spokesman from River Island said: “We take in age-appropriateness, style and function into consideration in all our Kidswear designs, together with customer demand. “