SIR – Worcestershire Parkway is the only railway station representing a county rather than a specific settlement.

As it is a gateway to Worcestershire perhaps passengers, even those just passing through, could be given a simple welcome to emphasise where they’ve arrived. Often, public address announcements, at airports or stations, are preceded by a ‘bing-bong’ or a chime or a short melody.

With Edward Elgar being very much linked with the county, not just the city, could the PA system at the station be amended so that announcements are introduced with, say, the four notes of the first bar of Nimrod: “Dee-Dah-Deeeee-Dah: The train at Platform 2 is the 10:42 to Hereford, calling at...”?

I spoke to a transport PA company and seemingly this is very easy to do. Luckily, the works of Elgar, unlike those of the county’s only other musical big-hitter, Cher Lloyd, are out of copyright and therefore royalty-free.

Peter Clear