A MAN who deviously put a hole in a condom before having sex with a woman has been jailed for four years.

A judge told Andrew Lewis said he had been fortunate to have not got the  woman pregnant, when he sentenced him at Worcester Crown Court yesterday.

Glyn Samuel, prosecuting said the 47-year-old had originally pleaded guilty to rape at a magistrates court hearing in July.

Mr Samuel explained Lewis had use a pin to puncture the tip of the condom before using it when he had sex with his partner on March 10, 2018.

The prosecutor explained the woman had found, in a bedside draw, the pin, and other condoms with holes, before checking the used condom in the bin and finding that had a hole in it.

Mr Samuel said the victim confronted Lewis, and after initial denials he changed his mind and eventually did admit to putting the pin holes in the condoms.

Later on in 2018, police spoke to the victim on another matter concerning Lewis, and the details of the rape were disclosed with the woman describing the act with the condom as "pure evil".

Mr Samuel said: "He told police he had hoped the condom would split and it would improve the intimacy.

"He said it was the stupidest thing he has ever done.

"In piercing the condom beforehand there was a degree of planning involved."

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Mr Samuel added there was little case law to help Judge Nicholas Cole with the sentence.

Lynette McClement, defending, said Lewis denied strongly he had been trying to get the woman pregnant, explaining he had seen the condom on his private parts as a barrier to intimacy with the woman, and had encouraged her to use another form of contraception.

Ms McClement said: "She had every right to choose her form of contraception.

"He had hoped it would tear, and as a result she would change her mind.

"It is an unusual case."

Ms McClement said the train driver, of Brecon Avenue was previously a man of good character and highlighted there had been full admission of his guilt from the offset in police interviews.

Sentencing him, Judge Cole said the woman had made it plain she did not want the sexual intercourse to lead to a child, and consent had been given on the basis Lewis wore the condom, so said it had been a devious act.

"It was a breach of trust," the judge said.

"The offence of rape is so serious a custodial sentence is appropriate."

Lewis looked down to the ground and had his head in his hands when he was told he faced four years in prison, of which he will serve half if released on good behaviour.

Lewis, who was wearing a white shirt with red tie and trousers and who had brought a bag to court in anticipation of being jailed, said nothing as he was taken down to the cells.