LOOK at any news feed list right now and, with Trump and Coronavirus, Brexit stories sit near the bottom.

The topic that dominated the last few years now barely a footnote.

Maybe many thought (wrongly) the election result meant it was all over.

When we left, in name, the European Union in January everything basically stayed the same with the important bit - the trade deal and future relationship - left to sort out.

The deadline of getting it all done in a year was always going to be tough and the pandemic should have meant the deadline was pushed back.

It didn't and now here we, one month to go.

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And its groundhog day after the latest round of talks.

No significant progress, major differences.

The dreaded no deal now a very real outcome.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is even now saying no deal would "work very well" (spoiler it wouldn't).

If anything was learned from the election just over a year ago a majority really did want to see 'Brexit done'.

We are about to find out what the reality of Brexit Britain will be.